Group Retirement Plannning

Pensions, Group RSPs, PIPs, DPSPs, & More

Investing in Your People = Investing in Your Business

If you’ve been holding off on setting up a group savings plan because you’re worried about the cost, we can design a custom plan for you that you are comfortable with. You have the flexibility to control your contributions to your employees’ savings including the creation of a tiered program where more senior or executive employees receive a higher contribution.

The advantages of starting a Group Savings Plan include:

  • Increased ability to recruit and retain high quality staff
  • Enhanced workplace performance
  • Promotion of the company’s reputation
  • Creating a solid foundation for success
  • Investing in the future of your company

We Already Have a Pension in Place What Can You Do for Us?

BMA Benefits Division has a 40 year proven track record of optimizing pension investment menus to maximize performance. Investment management is a very specialized field. The simple fact is that unless you have an investment specialist managing your group savings plan you and your employees are probably going to retire with less money than you could have had. Don’t let another dollar slip through your fingers, call us today for a complimentary review of your Group Savings portfolio and let us show you what we can do for you.

Administrative Support

BMA Benefits Division is an entire company dedicated to Group Benefits. We have full time staff to offer complete administrative support for both your Human Resources staff and your employees regarding every aspect of your benefits and retirement plans. We will walk step by step with every one of your employees from the day they are added to the plan to the day they retire and need to decide what to do with their savings - and beyond. We will answer every question, field every concern, and even provide them with personal financial planning if they so desire. A Group Savings Plan doesn’t have to be an administrative burden. Call us today and let us show you how easy it can be.


Everyone needs to save, but saving doesn’t have to be painful. BMA also specializes in Payroll Investment Plans (PIPs). We can have your employees contributing up to $5000 annually to their RRSPs for only dollars a day. Call us today to find out how.