I have had the opportunity to work with Don Bristow since 1998 and have found him to be a hard working, ethical individual. Don has demonstrated on numerous occasions that he genuinely cares for his clients, responds quickly to any inquiries and puts their interests first. Don’s office is very professionally run and he has excellent staff focused on customer service. I would highly recommend Don to any individual or company that is looking for a financial advisor.

Donna Vollet, Senior Investment Consultant, Great-West Life/Quadrus Investment Services

Don Bristow has been providing an invaluable service to SaskTel employees through investment and retirement seminars and personalized presentations. He helps both management and unionized staff realize their retirement dreams and helps with near and long term financial investment options. He worked hard to implement a Group RSP Plan with a Saskatchewan Labor sponsored Investment Plan set up through payroll deductions making it accessible and easy for our staff to utilize, and did the same with DirectWest our subsidiary. I know firsthand the professionalism and fantastic personalized service that Don provides as I am also a client utilizing the recommendations that Don has made to me over the years and would highly recommend his services to any business or individual looking for investment advice.

Craig Sled, Director – Business Sales, SaskTel

I have worked with Don on financial issues both corporate and personal for over a decade and he is very knowledgeable in all aspects of financial planning and management and regarding Group Benefits. He and his staff are professional, ethical, and punctual.

We implemented a large corporate pension fund primarily administered by Don and the process was efficient and painless. The employees of Ens Motors were extremely happy with the level of service provided by Mr. Bristow and his associates.

Don has earned my respect and trust through the years that we have worked together. I would highly recommend Don both on a personal and professional level in all areas of financial planning.

Janet Corrigal, Comptroller, Ens Lexus Toyota

CEL has been a client of Mr. Bristow since 2004 and since then our employee numbers have tripled. Our relationship with Don has been very beneficial. We are well served by the Group Benefit plan designed for us and it is well serviced and maintained. In addition our RRSP plan is very well run and we appreciate its “low maintenance” aspect from our perspective as our employees can contact Don directly. I would be more than happy to answer any questions about our relationship with don.

Shaun Unger, VP Corporate Affairs, Community Electric Ltd.